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Friday, August 27, 2010

Buzz Up, Catch Down

Staircase with Words and Phrases Los Angeles ~ 2003
From the series "Los Angeles Urban Art 2003"
by Francisca

Francisca wrote, "These were all taken on the Metro Train route from LA Airport to downtown . . . each stop has wonderful urban art."

Staircase at Los Angeles Transit Stop I have no idea where the words and phrases come from in this uniquely thought-provoking staircase. Like a collage, the random juxtapositions cause an interesting cascade of images to form. Is the building at the top a psych center? Holistic healing and therapists' offices? Day Trading Central? Maybe Francisca can help us out here. I love the shadow in the first photo.

Later: Francisca helped answer the question. She wrote, "Sheryl, this is what the architects said about the words: 'Walking up the station's stairs, passengers will discover words and phrases which have entered our 1990's vocabulary; will they remain in our lexicon or become obsolete?' Source:" Thanks, Francisca!

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Haddock said...

What a novel idea to make those stairs so interesting.

JM said...

This is fantastic!